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About Us

Welcome to Rouge & Riot!

We can't wait to show you what we've been working on!

Also, we know a lot of people like to say, "pick one thing, and focus on it," but we find that a little limiting, and that's why we're so much more than just a pretty little shop!

We are a small, female owned and operated business that cares about the planet, with a desire to also create a health & wellness community! We are renaissance humans, with varied interests and abilities!

Our resident wellness expert, Rylie Liana of will frequently be adding fun and informational nutrition and fitness articles and recipes to our online column! She is a 200 Hr RYT working on her 500 Hr training, a soon to be Certified Nutritional Consultant, and is also working on her Personal Training Certification. She became passionate about the power of natural health after losing over 40 pounds and eliminating her Type 2 Diabetes, as well as her debilitating chest pains from digestive problems that doctors weren't even able to diagnose!

We are all about inclusion, female empowerment, creativity, sustainability, and natural health. We have clear goals regarding working toward building a more sustainable business.

We source eco-aware, ethically made brands to play with and gently used second hand clothing for our unique custom attire & hand painted items.

Lastly, if you're wondering about what Rouge & Riot means, you're not alone, so read on...

rouge  : /ro͞oZH/ :  a red powder or cream used as a cosmetic for coloring the cheeks or lips ; cause to redden ; paint red.
ri·ot : /ˈrīət/ : cause an uproar; take part in a public disturbance;  behave in an unrestrained way.

We are living in an exciting time for women! We're shattering glass ceilings, destroying social constructs, and running highly successful businesses. We believe in strong, powerful women/womxn rising up, fighting for what we believe in, and seizing opportunities, yet still maintaining the powerful feminine in us as well.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

We love you.
Take care,
Rouge & Riot